Engineering & Services

Engineering & Services

Since 1975, KELAG (Künzli Elektronik AG), has been specialising in sensor technologies. We offer advice, support, and sell goods and also help you with solving problems in development, production and system provision.

We provide the following steps in a comprehensive development concept:

  • Identifying the necessary and desired specifications
  • Drafting an execution concept including cost calculation
  • Execution engineering (hardware and software)
  • Prototype construction or reference installation
  • Optimising right up until project release
  • Realisation of the product and installation
  • Commissioning inclusive training
  • Service and support
  • Concept planning for subsequent product generations
  • Dismantling (including refurbishment or waste disposal)
  • Realisation of subsequent product generations

Different problems require differing responses. We support you from the beginning of a project until completion, whether it is an environmental, weather, industrial sensor, or the complete construction of a sensor system.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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