Various applications with our sensors and with our expertise of two core technologies:

Acceleration-, inclination- and vibration sensors are based on a robust pendulum technology as well as on Reed- and Hall sensors which measure precisely and switch on a distance up to 40mm.

  • The cost effective alternative for easy and reliable proximity recognition and positioning are the magnet sensors and magnet switches based on Reed and Hall.
  • Reliable measuring of acceleration and vibration with a repeatability of 0,02% and accuracy to 0,002%. Due to the unique mechanical and digital filtering disrupting overshooting and resonance...
  • Precision measuring of gradient and angle with a repetition of 0,01% and insolvency up to 0,001%. The robust construction with a shock resistance of 20'000g allows reliable usage in numerous tasks in...
  • Sensor systems for precision use in critically tight spaces or for use as accessories.
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