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Founded in 1975 and as the official Swiss representative of the Finnish sensor manufacturer Vaisala, KELAG Künzli Elektronik AG today not only provides consulting and sales services, but also takes care of the engineering of sensor technology and sensor systems. We also develop our own customer-specific measurement solutions. No matter what challenge you are facing, we will work with you to find the most economical solution for both sides.

Operationally, we are active in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, and in the industrial sector also internationally via our distributors.

Especially when it comes to IoT, we are among the pioneers. Our company has been using IoT as a normal technology since 2002, although the term did not even exist in this form at that time.

Our electronics production is located in Schwerzenbach ZH, just like the main plant, so we have short distances for deliveries and communication.

The products are stored here after they reach us. After a customer order, many products first undergo KELAG finishing and are then delivered or shipped.

The systems are assembled in our workshop and receive a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), if this is desired by the customer. Afterwards, they are sent to the customer or installed by KELAG itself at the customer's site.

KELAG is active in the field of meteorology at many locations in Switzerland.

For our customers in the road weather sector, we install entire systems in a region and are allowed to carry out the annual service for our customer systems. This includes the inspection of the road weather systems (GFS), the functional check of the individual sensors, the cleaning of the sensors, as well as necessary repairs. These road weather systems are the information basis for an excellent winter service in the individual areas of Switzerland, which is carried out by the depots and their helpers.

Many customers use weather systems for the local recording of the current weather and use the data to protect buildings, to use actions for securing objects, to protect large events and to be able to make the right, local decisions in the event of possible disasters.

In some cases, we use a measurement system to control the tunnel ventilation so that motorists do not get fogged windows when they enter the tunnel.

Together with our customer, we were allowed to develop the weather data acquisition for turnout heating systems. The use of such weather recordings takes place all over Switzerland, especially in mountainous regions.

Mission statement

Shaping our future together

Our central concern is to help shape a better future.

We help our clients to develop and be operational more easily, quickly and safely. We are about the best possible path to optimal results.

We help to shape our future:

  • In our SME, we live a culture where every team member is valued and respected. We rely on the fact that each individual can develop further and grow personally.
  • With our partners (suppliers, customers, etc.) we enter into a long-term cooperation that is profitable for all.
  • We take responsibility for our environment and for our fellow human beings.
  • In this way, we promote modern developments, promising technologies and keep our own know-how high.
  • We value honesty, transparency and honest dealings. We behave in a cosmopolitan manner and respect applicable law.
  • We pursue a culture of continuous development. Every employee has the task of recognising and contributing existing potential for further development and improvement.

Our sales team

Thomas C. Hedrich
Thomas C. Hedrich

Sales Management, Sales Meteorology, Quality Manager

Thomas C. Hedrich
Johannes Mittag
Johannes Mittag

Sale industrial measurement technology

Johannes Mittag
Grégoire Delaloye
Grégoire Delaloye

Sale environmental measurement technology

Grégoire Delaloye

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