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Welcome to KELAG Künzli Elektronik AG - your partner for customized sensor solutions and innovative technologies. Our medium-sized enterprise (SME) is divided into three main business areas: Meteorology & Environment, Industrial OEM and Process Industry. We are not only a distributor of products, but also offer comprehensive engineering services to develop sensor systems according to the individual requirements of our customers.

Our expertise in Meteorology & Environment:

In this business area, we are dedicated to developing and providing state-of-the-art meteorological systems and environmental engineering solutions. Our extensive know-how and many years of experience enable us to develop complex monitoring and control solutions that meet our customers' requirements in a wide range of applications.

Our commitment to industrial OEM:

In the Industrial OEM division, we produce our own high-quality sensors here in Switzerland and abroad. Our sensors, including magnetic sensors (Reed, Hall & AMR), inclination sensors and acceleration sensors, meet the highest quality standards and are exported worldwide. We have our own representatives in various countries to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Our high-precision and long-term stable sensors are used in various industries and offer cost-efficient solutions focusing on the specific requirements of our customers.

Our products are available as standard sensors from stock as well as individually configurable sensors from our kit system.

Our ultimate goal is to develop a customized solution for each application and each customer. Thanks to our vast experience, our extensive know-how and our close cooperation with various partners, we are able to implement suitable solutions for even the most demanding applications.

Our expertise in the process industry:

In the process industry, we specialize in critical applications in extreme environments. Our reliable, accurate and long-term stable measurement solutions enable our customers to efficiently control their processes. This results in unparalleled product quality and lower total cost of ownership. Our technology and expertise help our customers optimize production processes and maintain the highest level of product quality.

We look forward to working with you to develop innovative sensor solutions to meet your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services and products.


In 1975 our company was founded by Mr. Kurt Künzli. The foundation was based on a very special occasion: the new development of the capacitive thin film polymer sensor by Vaisala.

Kurt Künzli immediately recognized the enormous potential of this innovative sensor and decided to establish the official Swiss representation for industrial, meteorological and environmental measurement solutions. This was the starting signal for a success story that continues to this day.

Since our founding almost five decades ago, we have continuously evolved and are proud to be a leading provider of high quality measurement instruments and solutions in Switzerland. Our commitment to precision and quality has made us a trusted partner for companies in various industries.

A special feature of our company is the fact that it has been in family hands since its foundation. The passion and commitment of Mr. Kurt Künzli have been carried on into the second generation of the family, and this tradition continues to shape our corporate culture today. We firmly believe that our family roots allow us to build long-term relationships with our customers and respond to their individual needs.

Our journey began almost five decades ago, and we are proud to look back on a long history of successful cooperation. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers and partners who have placed their trust in us over all these years. The future certainly holds many more exciting challenges and opportunities for us, and we look forward to mastering them together with you.

Mission statement

Shaping our future together

At KELAG Künzli Elektronik AG, we have a clear vision for the future. We are convinced that continuous development and the integration of new technologies are the key to success. Innovations in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT) are particularly close to our hearts. But our vision extends far beyond commercial success. We are resolutely committed to making our planet a better place, and our guiding principle in doing so is: "You can't manage what you can't measure."

  • In our SME, we live a culture where every team member is valued and respected. We rely on the fact that each individual can develop further and grow personally.
  • With our partners (suppliers, customers, etc.) we enter into a long-term cooperation that is profitable for all.
  • We take responsibility for our environment and for our fellow human beings.
  • In this way, we promote modern developments, promising technologies and keep our own know-how high.
  • We value honesty, transparency and honest dealings. We behave in a cosmopolitan manner and respect applicable law.
  • We pursue a culture of continuous development. Every employee has the task of recognising and contributing existing potential for further development and improvement.

Our sales team

Johannes Mittag
Johannes Mittag

Sale industrial measurement technology

Johannes Mittag
Grégoire Delaloye
Grégoire Delaloye

Sales industrial and environmental measurement technology

Grégoire Delaloye
Ralf Künzli
Ralf Künzli

Sales aviation and meteorology

Ralf Künzli

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