KELAG accelerometers


Indigo product family - the modular instrument platform

Step into the future: A groundbreaking new method is available to monitor your essential industrial processes. The Vaisala Indigo product family sets new standards in industrial measurement, thanks to globally leading sensor technology and a modular design. With interchangeable intelligent probes, robust transmitters, and the powerful PC software Vaisala Insight, it forms a resilient ecosystem to ensure energy efficiency, safety, and product quality in your process.


Vaisala HVAC Sensors and Transmitters

Accurate, reliable and long-term stable HVAC measurements with Vaisala sensors and transmitters from the official Swiss partner


IoT sensors for winter maintenance

Powered by the latest IoT technology, Wx Horizon Premium sets new standards in weather information for winter maintenance by using connected observation networks, advanced forecasting capabilities and alerts to support intelligent, data-driven treatment decisions.


Road weather forecasting

KELAG and Vaisala sophisticated products uses a sophisticated mass and energy-balance model (the road weather model) for a precise understanding of road surface conditions for each road segment.


Food and beverage industry - art or science?

Every day we hear politicians around the world say that their decisions are "guided by science". The public is thus becoming increasingly aware of how science influences all aspects of life. In the following article, we focus on how science is driving the food and beverage industry, and in particular how Vaisala technologies are helping to optimize sustainable food production.


Optimizing for better winter road maintenance in Sweden

Svevia started looking for ways to digitize and automate parts of the winter maintenance. After several systems, Svevia decided and chose the company Vaisala with their Winter Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) for the entire organization. The MDSS provides an instant overview of weather and road conditions on the roads maintained by Svevia.


Perfect potatoes for perfect chips

From the field to the deep fryer - potatoes for chip production are sensitive to environmental conditions that affect the frying properties, appearance, taste and texture. One of the most unpopular blemishes on chips - dark brown spots - are due to increased carbon dioxide (CO₂) levels during storage.


Better roads in any weather

Nördlich von Seattle, jenseits der Grenze zwischen den USA und Kanada, liegt die Stadt Surrey - die flächenmässig grösste Stadt im dem Grossraum Vancouver in British Columbia. Die Abteilung, die die Strassen der Stadt verwaltet, ist für alles zuständig: Winter- und Sommerinstandhaltung, sowie Bauarbeiten.


Why the future of aviation safety is solid: New C-Band Weather Radar WRS300

There’s no doubt about it: Weather is getting more extreme and less predictable around the world. Airports work hard to ensure safe and efficient flights and depend on accurate weather radar to make critical decisions. Today, major improvements in weather radar technology and design can help you change the game for aviation safety.


Ice warning system service

Today our team was on service tour in beautiful Weggis in the canton of Lucerne. In addition to sales and installation, we also offer our customers periodic maintenance of their equipment. Everybody has asked himself while driving which tasks these stations at the roadside actually have. These stations provide us with data about the road condition as well as the current outside temperature and humidity.


Acceleration sensors in ETH electric racing cars

Acceleration sensors are used in the Formula Student racing cars to optimise grip. The aim is to achieve optimum driving characteristics by measuring and controlling the active damping.


New Vaisala Indigo300 Transmitter

The Indigo300 transmitter is a brand new plug-and-play host device for the Vaisala Indigo compatible probes. It supports one probe at a time and has 3 pre-configured analog outputs (mA or V).

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