IoT sensors for winter maintenance


We, KELAG and Vaisala, are launching Wx Horizon Premium, a state-of-the-art ground cast sensor and a sophisticated temp cast sensor, delivering first-class, actionable observations and insights for winter maintenance.

Powered by the latest IoT technology, Wx Horizon Premium sets new standards in weather information for winter maintenance by using connected observation networks, advanced forecasting capabilities and alerts to support intelligent, data-driven treatment decisions.

The new Ground Cast Sensor and Temp Cast Sensor are automatically integrated with Wx Horizon Premium, which combines local observation data with two of Vaisala's industry-leading modelling systems: the industry-leading road weather model and a weather forecasting system that enhances global weather forecasts specifically for transportation applications.

Wx Horizon Premium enables affordable, proactive winter maintenance planning for all:

  • Advance resource planning: 72-hour forecast for road surface and 10-day forecast for weather conditions
  • Worry-free: built-in alerts and automatic notification services eliminate the need for constant monitoring
  • Point forecast data where it's needed most: customised virtual forecast points tailored to operational needs
  • Seamless integration with road sensors: accurate local measurement data improves forecasting and gives decision makers more confidence

The new Ground Cast Sensor makes additional world-class observations possible and enables improved point forecasts as part of the Wx Horizon Premium subscription. It's an easy and affordable way to get important road weather measurements at critical locations that have not been captured before. It measures road temperature and the amount of materials treated with the same performance as industry-leading road weather stations.

The Ground Cast Sensor is designed for:

  • Reference measurements from anywhere: The device does not require an external power supply or any other infrastructure and is therefore completely wireless and ready for immediate use with an accuracy of ±0.2 °C
  • Improves road surface prediction: Temperature measurement from the surface and at different depths: -6 cm and -30 cm
  • Measurement of residual treatment material: to facilitate targeted treatments and verify effectiveness to avoid unnecessary use of treatment material
  • Eliminating the complexity of data communication: Built-in narrowband IoT connectivity that works over cellular networks

The new Temp Cast Sensor, is easy to install anywhere - even in places that were previously challenging, such as bridges. Wireless, with built-in connectivity and a 3-year battery life, the Temp Cast Sensor is an ideal solution for getting additional data into your observation network.

High quality observations are the basis for all high quality forecasts. TempCast measures air temperature, humidity and surface temperature without touching the turf surface. So even in remote or otherwise difficult locations, you can take targeted action to keep all areas of your roads safe for road users.

TempCast uses Vaisala's HUMICAP® humidity sensor, which provides reference-class measurements. Prediction models can also use local observations for validation, learning and self-improvement.

The Temp Cast sensor is designed for:

  • Reference measurements from anywhere: The device does not require an external power supply or any other infrastructure and is therefore completely wireless and ready for immediate use with an accuracy for temperature of ±0.15 °C at 0 °C and an accuracy for relative humidity of ±1.5 % at 0 °C
  • Improves prediction of road surfaces: Temperature measurement from the surface in the FMP103 version, ideal for bridges and other locations where drilling a hole in the ground is not an option
  • TempCast with humidity and air temperature: Ideal in conjunction with the GroundCast, as the addition of dew point information to GroundCast measurements allows monitoring of ice and frost
  • Eliminate data communication complexity: Built-in narrowband IoT connectivity that works over cellular networks

All this information is automatically available in Wx Horizon Premium or alternatively as an API for integration into other systems. This subscription service provides predictable operational costs and eliminates the need for network monitoring and dealing with the complexity of data communications.

"Cloud computing combined with wireless connectivity enables the next level of measurement accuracy combined with unprecedented ease of use. We are very excited to launch this new subscription service that enables users to make data-driven winter maintenance decisions," says Thomas C. Hedrich, Sales Manager, KELAG.

When it comes to winter maintenance, better decisions can save lives. Wx Horizon Premium, Ground Cast Sensor and Temp Cast Sensor enable decision makers to reliably plan, mobilise, treat and monitor the effectiveness of winter maintenance measures.

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Grégoire Delaloye

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