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Vaisala launches new Indigo300 rugged plug-and-play host device for its Indigo series of transducers

The Indigo300 transmitter is a brand new plug-and-play host device for the Vaisala Indigo compatible probes. It supports one probe at a time and has 3 pre-configured analog outputs (mA or V). This IP65 rated transmitter with corrosion resistant metal housing is also suitable for use in harsh environments. For ease of use, it features a color display with push-button navigation for displaying up to three measured variables as numbers or graphs.

Preconfigured for easy deployment

Indigo300 transducers can be combined with Indigo-compatible probes for relative humidity, dew point, CO2, temperature, evaporated H2O2, and moisture in oil. They are preconfigured for up to three analog outputs (mA, V, or both) and can be easily reconfigured as measurement requirements change.

Simply order the transmitter with the desired parameters, ranges, and outputs. After you receive the transmitter, you can add new parameters, change ranges, scale, and switch outputs using Vaisala Insight PC software.

Simple and versatile probe options

The measuring probes can be connected to the transmitter easily and without tools via the fixing wheel. You can connect a probe directly or connect it to the transmitter via a cable. Optional extensions for the probe cables allow versatile probe placement. Calibration and adjustment of the probe is also possible without disconnecting it from the transmitter.

Indigo product family - the modular platform

Calibration without interruptions

Calibration is simple with removable probes that can be instantly replaced and sent for factory calibration. Internal calibration is also effortless with the Indigo80 handheld and Insight PC software for adjustments and diagnostics.

Insight and Indigo80 allow you to configure the transmitter and connected probe, as well as calibrate and adjust the probe without disconnecting it from the transmitter.

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