Optimizing for better winter road maintenance in Sweden


Svevia is the leading road and infrastructure provider in Sweden, maintaining thousands of kilometers of roads. The company has over 1,900 employees and is known for its excellent and sustainable practices.

Meeting the challenge

The goal of Svevia's winter maintenance organization is to keep the roads clear for road traffic at all times, but achieving this goal has become more difficult.

Increasing road use, rising costs, and a less experienced workforce have put more pressure on decision-makers struggling to keep up with customer demand.

With so many projects underway, Svevia needed a better process, a better way to determine which roads were most likely to use its own clearing vehicles efficiently and with sustainable cost control.

The solution in sight

Svevia started looking for ways to digitize and automate parts of the winter maintenance. After several systems, Svevia decided and chose the company Vaisala with their Winter Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) for the entire organization. The MDSS provides an instant overview of weather and road conditions on the roads maintained by Svevia.

The system is configured to provide decision-makers with optimal route and action suggestions, which they use to focus the team's efforts on the right areas with the most appropriate treatment. Svevia has also started to integrate some additional mobile sensors into the solution to take advantage of the real-time route-based predictions that the MDSS provides.

A better overview

After implementing the MDSS, Svevia performs winter maintenance faster, more proactively and with higher quality.

Knowing which road treatment to use allows workers to use fewer chemicals, which saves money and is better for the environment. The system enables faster decision-making, so they know exactly which areas to treat in the right order - saving time and money.

Automated routing takes the pressure off decision-makers so they can focus on their core tasks. In fact, as part of Svevia's digital revolution, the integration of the MDSS is also part of streamlining its winter maintenance processes, which still makes it a more attractive employer today.

“The implementation of the system has helped to significantly reduce stress related to making decisions about winter maintenance. We can react to changes in weather more efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. We also have better quality roads and less congestion.”

- Andreas Bäckström,
Business Developer, Svevia

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"Die Einführung des Systems hat dazu beigetragen Stress im Zusammenhang mit Entscheidungen über den Winterdienst zu treffen. Wir können effizienter und umweltfreundlicher auf Wetterveränderungen reagieren. Wir haben ausserdem bessere Strassenqualität und weniger Staus."

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