Ice warning system service


Service of a road weather station

Today our team was on a service tour in beautiful Weggis.

In addition to sales and installation, we also offer our customers periodic maintenance of their system.

When driving, everyone has probably asked themselves what these roadside installations actually do. It's quite simple: they provide us with data on the condition of the road and the current outside temperature and humidity.

In the picture we see the exchange of a road sensor DRS511 at a road weather station. This little thing can do a lot of things and provides us with data on the road condition:

- Measures the amount of de-icing chemicals

- Identifies road condition

- Measures water, snow or ice thickness

- Measures surface temperature

- Measures ground temperature (-6cm depth)

- Freezing point

- Detects dry, damp, wet, slush, snow, hoar frost, ice and monocrystalline ice

- The probe can and is "driven off" with the road, respectively removed.

In this way, dangers can be detected at an early stage and the necessary measures can be taken so that everyone also gets to their destination safely and on time.

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Ralf Künzli
Ralf Künzli

Sales aviation and meteorology

Ralf Künzli

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