CO2, Humidity and Temperature Transmitter GMW80 Series

Measuring carbon dioxide is the most economical method of monitoring indoor air quality and occupancy with a single sensor. Inadequate ventilation can lead to elevated carbon dioxide levels, which can cause drowsiness and reduced productivity. Save energy by minimizing the use of unconditioned outdoor air.

For accurate and stable HVAC measurements, Vaisala GMW80 Series CARBOCAP® wall-mounted carbon dioxide and temperature sensors offer the best stability and reliability on the market - up to 15 years. These indoor air quality sensors are designed for standard demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) applications. The GMW80 is ideal for buildings that are occupied around the clock.

The GMW80 series CO2 measurement is based on the second generation CARBOCAP® sensor, which uses a new type of microglow light source instead of bulbs for longer trouble-free lifetime. An internal reference in the CO2 sensor ensures optimal stability and function even in permanently occupied buildings without frequent readjustment. CARBOCAP® sensors provide correct CO2 readings immediately after power-up because they have a built-in reference measurement.

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